The Kiss: photo/mural/photo

The Kiss: photo/mural/photo

Eduardo Kobra’s mural of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic photo “V-J Day in Times Square, New York, August 14, 1945.”

Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC — 25th Street at 10th Avenue

About Rona Black Photography

I am a Salt Lake City-based photographer. I'm interested in using my photographs to invite people to look more closely at ordinary objects and recognize how extraordinary they can be.
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13 Responses to The Kiss: photo/mural/photo

  1. sknicholls says:

    Amazing what you have done with this. I love this image, and always have. You put all of the emotion I feel into it.

  2. roblowephoto says:

    I love this, Rona. ;) Wonderful! R.

  3. LB says:

    I would love to know the response to the mural. The colors are vivid and I like it alot, but you know there are those who don’t like iconic images being changed.

  4. Wonderful share, Rona! I briefly met Eduardo while he was finishing 1 of 2 murals in Los Angeles last year. It was amazing to see how fast they were working to complete it in about 10 days. I waved to them each time I passed by their work site.

  5. friendlytm says:

    Hi Rona: Your post has inspired me to look and compare Gustav Klimt’s the Kiss and this one. I am amazed at the similarities! Although I am aware of this i conic photo, it never came to my mind that Klimt’s the Kiss and this one seemed to connect with each other! It is amazing! Art is not only universal but infectious! Thank you for another excellent post!

  6. Andy says:

    Of the two the original photo is definitely the classic and always will be.

  7. rommel says:

    This icon means to me asnd my colleagues as we support the troops. Very nice murals.

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