37 thoughts on “Golden Gate Tower

  1. I lived in San Francisco for 8 years. My favorite city in the continental United States. The bridge is one of those icons that everyone has a photo of. You’ve managed it from a new and awe inspiring, angle. Love it!


  2. I like the perspective and the colors contrast very nicely.
    It also has a certain amount of abstraction to it which I think very befitting.


  3. The bridge (and the entire city) is just so photogenic. Very nice crisp perspective on the iconic bridge. Still recognize it even from that little teeny piece.


      1. Taking a lot of shots certainly improves my odds! Sometimes I wish I could see potential images sooner. I was actually curious whether you saw this image in your mind right away or did you have to study it for awhile or take a number of shots to get there.


      2. No, it didn’t involve any forethought; I just looked up as I was walking, took two shots and kept walking. (Had I been alone, I probably would have spent a lot more time taking many more shots at various angles.)


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