Urban Hawk

Urban Hawk

This morning we had a visit from this red-tailed hawk, who has been hanging around Rittenhouse Square. He (I think it’s a young male) may be related to the pair who nested for several years at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute:


45 thoughts on “Urban Hawk

  1. Oh my, he’s gorgeous! I’m blessed to be able to watch bald eagles and hawks near the river where I work and just think they’re amazing creatures. What a beautiful photo!


  2. Wow, that’d make me spill my coffee for sure, He’s beautiful!! Way to get in the moment. I think your shot is so interesting because of the high rises in the background vs the usual.


  3. Hi Rona,
    That is such a cool capture! If I was a bird, I would find some cool pad over in Rittenhouse to roost on. I could even swoop over to the French café & beg for some croissant… hehe.
    Have a nice day :).


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