Disney Hall Abstract 2

Disney Hall Abstract 2

Here’s another photo I took of Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I just love shooting this photogenic building. (Can a building be photogenic?)


33 thoughts on “Disney Hall Abstract 2

  1. The photo is wonderful. I think the title that you gave it (Undulating Steel) really captures the feeling of the shot. The juxtaposition of man-made steel, which is hard and linear, with natural curves creates almost a kind of visual tension. Photogenic? The building is in LA–everything in LA is photogenic. Does it have an agent?


  2. Incredible geometry in this photo. And, you really know how to catch the shadows, the reflections, the glare without having the image overexposed. I like this a lot.


  3. I’m doing a tour of this building next week. Beautiful photo– the building almost seems natural instead of manmade!


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