Tulip Deconstructed

Tulip Deconstructed

My husband’s been bugging me for weeks now to post this. Though tulips are not in season here in Salt Lake City, this is one of his favorite pictures.


51 thoughts on “Tulip Deconstructed

  1. We should thank your husband for bugging you. This is a very nice picture. I really like the lighting in this picture. A great capture that brings the tulip to life.


  2. I am so glad that someone asked about your gear. Your work is really stunning and it attracts my attention as an art lover and as someone who aspires to do it myself. I have followed your site for only a few days and each time you post something new, I think wow, that is really beautiful. Cheers! And thank you!


  3. Lovely photos! It seems you have been everywhere! Living in Salt Lake, I know you have lots of amazing things to take photos of. I was there in April and was thrilled with all of the beautiful architecture – old and new and so varied – and the lovely gardens at the Temple. My sister lives there and my husband’s company has a plant there so I will hopefully one day have the opportunity to visit again.


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