Reflections at the Library

Reflections at the Library

In general, Salt Lake City is not that architecturally interesting. But our public library is one terrific exception. Designed by Moshe Safdie.


29 thoughts on “Reflections at the Library

  1. incorporating water into the landscape elevates any architecture. The concrete ‘half- pyramid’ reflecting in the glass facade of the building reminds me a bit of The Louvre. I wonder if that was the plan? At any rate, interesting mix of surfaces.


  2. Wow. I’m loving this picture. The way the ‘bridge’ reflects on the building makes it look almost continuous. The reflection in the water makes it look like a painting. The mountains in the background did it for me.


  3. Your blog is shaping up to be a great blog for the best architechtural building in California. love this one! Someday, someday. 😉


    1. Thanks, Rommel! But this one happens to be in Salt Lake City.:) Looks very much like the Vancouver Public Library because Moshe Safdie designed them both. Next I plan to take some interior shots; it’s got incredible views and three glass elevators with visible workings that are fascinating (at least to me) to watch.


  4. Hi Rona,
    That does make for one very photogenic image. Very nice. I have never been to Salt lake here. It sounds like you now call Salt lake city home.
    Happy weekend 😉


  5. This is breathtaking…I cannot stop looking at the detail…you have captured this so perfectly! Absolutely stunning…


  6. When I visited SLC about 10 yrs ago, I read about the library & went there (I was actually going down to Capitol Reef, where my son was doing a program – wow!!). I loved the library. I really liked SLC, too. This is a fantastic shot – reflections & architecture – I think they like each other!


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