Lines and Light

Lines and Light

Back in Philadelphia to visit my family and looking forward to hearing the Philadelphia Orchestra (where I used to work). Here is a shot of their beautiful hall, The Kimmel Center, designed by Rafael Vinoly, from my archives.


34 thoughts on “Lines and Light

  1. I love how you set up the shot to contrast the lines and the different textures. Stunning and very pleasing to the eye. Isn’t it wonderful that we have blogging to share what we do and so we can appreciate the creativity of others? I always am excited when I see a new post of yours come up on my e-mail.


  2. Stunning; as always Rona! Your photography is elegantly brilliant. I love how you capture the different structures and their own personal lines. Beautiful!


  3. You never fail to impress. Four layers of colors in one view, incredible, artistic er… eye you have. Artistic eye? You know what I mean. Hehe. Most of all, you nailed capturing the proportions.


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