Tulips in Shades of Autumn

Tulips in Shades of Autumn

Tulip Prinses Irene
Photographed in Salt Lake City, Utah


53 thoughts on “Tulips in Shades of Autumn

      1. I wasn’t a fan until I got 300 bulbs from a shop that had them on clearance for $10!! They were all yellow and looked amazing when they bloomed. Ever since then, tulips have held a special place in my flower heart. 🙂


      2. They’ve always been my husband’s favorite flower. (When we got married I arranged to have all the wedding bouquets made up of roses — my favorite, but I surprised him by using tulips for my my bouquet.) I didn’t know then that we’d end up in Salt Lake where we have the widest variety of tulips I’ve ever seen. Each season I come upon new (at least to me) cultivars.


    1. Thanks very much, Jim. Without the sun, that flame pattern normally looks much more purple and I think the tulips’ color gradation looks even prettier. So in the end I guess it’s a toss-up: either dramatic lighting or beautiful display of color.


  1. I love tulips and have never seen this color. Your photography is brilliant! The colours within the tulip reminds me of fall leaves and their blends of colours; beautiful!


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