Steel Currents

Steel Currents

Revisiting the striking HL23 building which is adjacent to Manhattan’s High Line at 23rd Street. Designed by Neil M. Denari Architects.


18 thoughts on “Steel Currents

  1. I’ve walked past this building so many times and seen it often up close on the highline.. you’ve definitely captured the most beautiful moments of it.. x thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Rona,
    Beautiful wavy textures and shadows. I like it.
    I made the resolution to work more intensly with light this year. The shadows are cool here.
    Happy weekend.


  3. Great textures and love the play between dark and light. I think the photo would be even stronger if you could clone the bracket in the middle left of the frame out. This would add more fluidity to the overall shot. Great capture none-the-less.


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