Squirrel Possessed

Squirrel Possessed

Happy Halloween


27 thoughts on “Squirrel Possessed

  1. Fantastic! Mia the dog is so disappointed she did not see this squirrel (though she did smell quite a few on her walk today). Very fun.


  2. If you could just convince this squirrel to stand on your front porch near a glowing pumpkin on Halloween night. What a wonderful “special effect” that would be.
    Probably has better things to do though, like gathering more nuts.


  3. CUTE! I went to pick up the kids from their after school activities and was waiting in the car and acorns kept falling down from the tree above my car and smacking my car and scaring me!


  4. How cool is this….oh lookey…there goes a squirrel and he’s possessed, just in time for Halloween! This is excellent. I could write a story about him. This would make a cool prompt. We have a thing for cute squirrels at The Community Storyboard. Thanks. As usual, your photography and attention to detail amazes me.


  5. Hmm, till this ‘electrifying’ shot I never realized how like a teapot squirrels stood—with their legs splayed for perfect balance… Since they’re not tea drinkers, one must assume the Chinese imitated nature when designing a container for their national beverage. As for the lit-up eyes and suddenly frizzed fur, it must have been due to the shock of realizing you had captured it in the act of ‘squirreling’ away a walnut!

    Nice work, JAL


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