Snowbells in Spring

Snowbells in Spring

Snowbells (Leucojum aestivum) or Summer Snowflakes because they bloom a few weeks after Spring Snowflakes ( Leucojum vernum); also known as Loddon Lilies because they were first found near the River Loddon, Hampshire, UK.

Temple Square, Salt Lake City

April 2014


38 thoughts on “Snowbells in Spring

      1. Rona, same problem here in Scotland. Very often, patience is the key. You have shown plenty, here! If I aim to shoot outdoor macros / close-ups hand held, I’ll usually take a dozen or more shots for just one frame and I won’t give in unless either the light degrades, the wind picks up or I’m sure I’ve canned one! Well done with this one! I have a soft spot for the “delicate” and short-lived. For me it’s a very touching image. Thank you for sharing it. R.


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