Early Roses

Early Roses

A preview of what’s to come in June.

Queen Mary’s Gardens, Regent’s Park, London
May 2014


14 thoughts on “Early Roses

    1. Honie — It’s funny you ask: there is identification under or in front of practically every rose but none under this one. It was my first visit to Regent’s Park on this trip and almost as soon as I got there everyone left the park because it began to rain heavily. The bed was situated close to, or in, the David Austin collection and the plant’s slightly more mature blooms look much like Lady of Shalot®, both in color and shape. Strangely the posted list of the English Rose Border (donated by David Austin Roses) does not include it; perhaps it was a recent addition. I’ll try to find out the next time I’m there. The full blooms of Joseph’s Coat seem to have a lot of pink whereas these looked more orange.


      1. David Austin Roses are my favorite. I made our daughter’s bridal bouquet using Rosalind. The fragrance is delicious and the blooms are so full.


  1. “The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem
    For that sweet odour which doth in it live.”
    Sonnet 54—Shakespeare
    Beautiful! —Me


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