De-icing Delta in Detroit

De-icing Delta in Detroit -- rona black While enduring yet another insufferable delay on Delta this weekend, I became fascinated by the variety of lights on the Detroit runway. Detroit, February 2015


9 thoughts on “De-icing Delta in Detroit

  1. Rona, if ever an airport runway reflected its city’s sense of indirection, this photo shows it through adjacent red-and-green lights!


  2. Yes bright lights in the night give some unique images. I have been finding that artificial light in darkness throws up many interesting possibilities, picking out some features in the glare and then losing others into the black . I’ve been painting some scenes of Liverpool in the evening darkness. I’m still exploring the possibilities and trying to find the most effective way of capturing the image and feelings, but it seems rich with possibilities.


  3. We saw the same thing in Chicago; it’s really quite fascinating to pass the time watching these employees de-icing the plane – they’re already freezing, and no doubt whatever it is they’re using blows on them and freezes up. Maybe not…


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