Hello Old Friend

Hello Old Friend

Piper, 2006 by Jim Sardonis

Every visit to my in-laws in Boston includes a stop to see their neighbor on Commonwealth Avenue. I took this shot in May, 2011; yesterday I saw that the fence has been repainted and is now grey.


17 thoughts on “Hello Old Friend

  1. foresterartist is really right. We have lost a couple of dogs, they where more than just dogs, they where like our children. When we lost are Pekinese we cried for at least four to six months. Your photo shows a tug at one’s heart, which makes it a good picture. If a photo can tug at the heart string, that makes it a great photo in my book


  2. Oh, how beautiful this post is! And so much meaning to many of us who have lost our dogs. Such a poignant photo; love it!


  3. This picture is amazing. As others said it before me, it tells you a whole story. Also, the sculpture is a very nice piece of art, it feels like she is gonna sniff and pull her head back any moment.
    Thank you for your like on my blog 🙂


  4. I like your photo of my sculpture. I just wanted to point out that, though the sculpture is a portrait of Piper, it was done while she was still alive. To my knowledge she is still alive and well. When we brought her outside to take photographs for the sculpture, she immediately went and looked through the fence, which inspired the placement of this piece.


      1. Thanks very much, Rona. I like yours, as well. Sometime when you’re in Boston again, I have a piece in the lobby of the New England Aquarium. It is called Great Auk Family and it depicts the last pair of the now extinct Great Auks protecting their egg. This one is carved from Carrara Marble.


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