Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England

October 16, 2012
Worcester, MA


60 thoughts on “Autumn in New England

  1. This is absolutely flavorful with colours! You captured beautiful hues of the leaves. This definitely makes me miss the northeast so much. Gorgeous!

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    1. Unfortunately I didn’t even get a chance to take more than one shot, let alone shuffle through them; I was supposed to be watching my young niece and nephew while they rode their bikes. We had just crossed a busy street and this pile of leaves at the curb caught my eye. I took the shot and then ran to catch up with them. When we returned to the same spot 20 minutes later, the light had changed enough to turn these leaves many shades of brown with very little color.


  2. The leaves in your edible photograph are so exotic they could be transformed into a silk scarf. The colours are also reflected in the WordPress Hovercard icons underneath!


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