A View of Downtown Philadelphia from Rittenhouse Square

A View of Downtown Philadelphia from Rittenhouse Square

We were scheduled to fly back to Salt Lake City today but Hurricane Sandy is keeping us here for a few more days. I hope everyone on the east coast rides out the storm safely.


44 thoughts on “A View of Downtown Philadelphia from Rittenhouse Square

  1. I love the vibrant colors and the different shapes of the skyline. I usually think of tall buildings as being visually uninteresting–I guess I need to look up more and I’ll realize they are not all concrete boxes. Beautiful shot.


  2. Stay safe and dry Rona. We are all hunkered down in the suburbs with bathtubs full of water and the generator ready. Life is full of adventure!
    I love the image. The light catching the buildings and the colors popping. Beautiful.


  3. The skyline looks great coming. I’ve always admire tall buildings creating awesome skylines. Thank you for that view. Orlando.FL has a great skyline and so does Los Angeles. I hope you and your companion stay safe. Happy Halloween!


  4. Great pics. If you have time to kill in philly, visit the laurel hill cemetery. some amazing statuary from the victorian era.Its just a thought and I have a couple shots in my gallery section from there.


  5. Your expertise! How do you always get to take this kind of pictures from this angle? You know what, never mind. I can never do, or afford, what you do. Hehe. ๐Ÿ˜€ It looks so surreal!


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