Autumn Barnyard 1

Autumn Barnyard 1

Lunch with goat at Chamounix Equestrian Center in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.


32 thoughts on “Autumn Barnyard 1

  1. Love it, love it, love it! When I first looked I was so surprised to see a goat. And as I looked closer I saw that this beautiful black and white animal was sitting on a picnic table; and was also nibbling on a leaf! What a great picture. You have his tongue and teeth so vivid! Thank you for this fun photo!


  2. I’m not sure if I can express how much I love this photo. I LOVE goats! So sassy! Actually, quick story which will make you laugh. When I was young (3ish)…my parents took me to a petting zoo. Well…someone…..(My Mother) thought it’d be a good idea to put a packet of crackers in my back pocket. Yeah, you can imagine what happened next. I had goats nipping at my rear end….I screamed, I cried…my mom laughed (still to this day about the whole thing)…. Combine that with a very large Sheep BAHHHHHING in my face at the state fair and I was traumatized for years. I’ve only recently made peace with this animals. I often have to refer to this for a laugh:!i=1065249674&k=4mQ5k8p

    Happy Monday! 😀


    1. I forgot to mention the goat’s mouth … great catch on that! We have some goats in the neighborhood. Always enjoy seeing them. Always feel like I need to stop and get their horned heads out of the fencing but they manage. Anyway, you got another great pose captured! Thanks.


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