13 thoughts on “Completing a Graffiti Tribute to Amy Winehouse in Amsterdam

  1. Hi Rona, what an amazing moment this is, finishing a graffiti tribute to Amy Winehouse. It’s very impressive artwork, and catching the artist at work on it was a real coup! Doing something this outstanding with spray cans is mind-boggling, to say the least. Kudos for capturing this! All the best, Lloyd


  2. Great capture – there is so much to contemplate in this photo…the artist(s), the tagging, the turn sign pointing at the portrait, the boulangerie, the bike – rich!


  3. Got to agree with Cardinal. And all the other commenters. Amy was a true artist and so is the person behind the spray can! Lucky you to have captured it.


  4. A terrific photograph of a moment in time, Rona. Many interesting elements coming together to make this image captivating. A real sense of place, honoring art and wonderful Amy.


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